This is a small diorama form of a LARGE upcoming installation...coming in a few years...featuring hundreds (thousands?)..of these paperweeds...
(Follow the www.ghostweedsproject.wordpress.com
blog for details and developements...as well as backstory.....)

This piece made specifically for inclusion into SEATTLE PRINT ARTS November members group show...to which I was invited as I was a recipient of an Honorarium award (via the Larry Sommer's Fellowship award)....used to develope the prototype of this venture....see the show at Schack Art Center in Everett, Washington in November thru December 2016.....and stay tuned for future developements....

Small version (test run) of a large upcoming installation...coming in a few years...
"Ghostweeds: (The ghosts of October 2016)"
Paper, concrete, wood
16"(w) x 12"(h) x 4"(d)